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Why We Love Inspirational Quotes

Have you got quotes stashed in your saved posts on Instagram, stored in your screenshot folder or scribbled down in your journal? Yeah, I'm pretty sure we all do.

Some of these are motivational and inspirational at a time when we have goals and ambitions that we want to achieve. Others are inherently sombre. These come at a time when we have experienced loss, grief or heartbreak. If you look back at the dates or periods of your life when you found certain quotes, they will mirror the events of your life at the time.  So why do we love inspirational quotes?


Put simply, we enjoy the knowledge that we are not alone in those feelings. When something bad happens, we can feel like the only person to experience such anguish and wonder how we could fully recover from these feelings. Then, a few words, that express how we feel without us even saying it, can give us comfort. Somebody else's words that feel like they were written for us. We feel a part of something, safe in the knowledge that others are going through the same emotions as we are. 


Successful people's quotes inspire people trying to reach their personal goals. It doesn't matter what context the quote was written in, once it fits your situation it can influence the reader. For example, a businessman could write a quote about running a company, the same quote could be used as motivation by an athlete or an artist. Words are fluid and can be swayed or conveyed to fit your situation. Which again, is another beautiful thing about quotes. 

Self Improvement 

In some cases, there is something we want or need to change about ourselves. Self-improvement journeys are difficult. Firstly, it is difficult to admit that parts of your actions or personality are not up to scratch. It is also hard to change those parts, as it requires time, effort and understanding. Let's face it, it is easier to point out somebody else's flaws than our own. Reading quotes, sayings, and excerpts from a book that speaks to us or our situation can help us push forward with the process of change. This brings both the concept of inspiration and comfort together. We are motivated and inspired to change as we see somebody else had the ability to do it before us, but we also seek comfort in knowing that others have made similar mistakes. 


The more we look at or listen to something, it becomes engrained in our brain. Looking at or reading a positive or inspiring quote throughout the day can only act as a benefit to our mood. I think the obvious source of unhappiness is watching, reading or listening to the news. Of course, we need to know what is happening in the world, however, the world isn't always the best place and the news can act as a source of negative information. Also, avoid the comments section on social media for obvious reasons. Protecting your mind from certain negativities is a must in today's society. Having quotes or sayings nearby throughout the day can help rewire your brain to become more positive overall. 

For little snippets of inspiration and positivity, you can get your copy of Life's Little Lessons. 

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