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Cliste Bundle

Cliste Bundle

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Our new bundle is now available! This consists of:

The Cliste Cup

This stylish reusable cup will hold coffee, tea or any hot beverage of your choice.
Insulated and made with stainless steel, your beverages will be kept nice and toasty.
The slim build of the reusable cup allows you to easily carry it on the go. 
Whether you want to save money by taking your coffee to work. Or, if you want to do your bit for our beautiful planet by cutting down on disposable coffee cups, then the Cliste Cup is for you. 

This cup only comes in our beautiful Cliste colour. 

Life's Little Lessons

Life's Little Lessons Quote Calendar is a compilation of quotes and daily life lessons. 

Containing 366 quotes this calendar will last a lifetime, covering every year including leap years. The pages are dated but don't include a day or year. Therefore this can take you from year to year, inspiring and influencing.

This labour of love has been put together using years of saved quotes, snippets from books,  philosophers and many more. 

This is dedicated to every one of you.

Putting your best foot forward every day. 

Continue to smile at strangers, give a helping hand and leave people better off than when you met them. 

- Becky 

If one person is inspired by Life's Little Lessons Quote Calendar, then my job is done. Enjoy. 

Life's Little Organiser

Our undated organiser is the perfect way to keep track of your daily tasks and commitments. The planner is easily adjustable and can begin planning in any month, giving you the freedom to keep things running smoothly no matter what time of year it is.

Clear your mind by organising yourself one day at a time. Plan for the present, not the future. 


  • Quotes from Life's Little Lessons
  • The Worry Tree
  • 26 weeks
  • Spiral bound with elastic band
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