Affiliate Programme

Affiliates are websites or blogs that send traffic to Cliste using tracked links. Each sale that is generated from that link will earn the affiliate a percentage of the commission. Signing up for an affiliate programme enables you to start creating the tracked links and accessing your commission.

Why sign up for Cliste?

Cliste Designs is a small Irish business with the aim of providing daily essential products to consumers. Being a female a led company, Cliste Designs aims to encourage a healthy mind and body, promoting positive daily affirmations, organization and water intake.

Our two main products are: 
Life's Little Lessons - Life's Little Lessons Quote Calendar is a compilation of quotes and daily life lessons. Containing 366 quotes this calendar will last a lifetime, covering every year including leap years. The pages are dated but don't include a day or year. Therefore this can take you from year to year, inspiring and influencing.

Cliste Uisce Bottle - Water intake is vital in maintaining a healthy mind and body. Cliste Designs currently provides a Tritan, BPA-free water bottle, however, we are currently tailoring this design using stainless steel materials. We believe that this will have a longer life cycle thus adapting to a more sustainable structure.

Reasons to become a Cliste affiliate:

  • Commission paid on sales
  • 10% commission on every sale 
  • 30-day cookie period
  • Free delivery on orders over €60 


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